At the start of your treatment, you will be commenced on our precisely designed Alevere eating plan which contains a large number of natural vegetables,many of which can be eaten in unlimited quantities. From these, you will be able to easily prepare many nice and varied dishes and you will be given instructions on exactly how to do this. These are also supplemented with a regular intake of natural, purified proteins and amino acids to ensure that every patient's daily protein intake remains optimal throughout their weight loss.

You will not be eating less, and less often, in fact you will be eating more than before, just differently. You will not be hungry at all and rather than suffering from hunger, many of out patients tell us that their main difficulty is fitting all of their food into a day. After the initial stage of the eating plan, a complete range of natural and healthy food groups are reintroduced in a carefully calculated and stepwise manner. This not only stabilises your weight at its new and healthy level, but progressively teaches you the best and the healthiest habits for the rest of your life.

banana flan
strawberry flan shake
beef and potato shake