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I stuck to the first week with no symptoms and barely any hunger, which is amazing given the calorie restriction, and totally unlike any diet I've been on before. (I used to come off them all the time due to hunger.) I was on holiday up north all week, but sat through my friend and little girl eating copious amounts of ice cream next to me and wasn't remotely tempted by it. I also had enough energy for a three-mile walk along the seafront, and wasn't even hungry by the end of it.
Some of the sachets are so delicious, I'm looking forward to my next meal more than before I was on the diet! They're so light, you can easily carry a day's worth in your handbag, which is great if you're out and about. I've been popping into coffee shops, buying a green tea and asking for a cup of hot water to stir my chocolate shake into. My life is very busy and the drinks take no time at all to make.
I've started to like egg white omelettes, which I prefer to cook thoroughly until they're slightly golden on each side, then season them with salt and pepper. I also love cucumber, celery and tomato salad with basil, which I also season well, and spinach, mushrooms and asparagus with my evening meal. I use up my limited vegetable allowance on raspberries and strawberries, as I have a real sweet tooth - and they taste amazing dunked in thick hot chocolate!
I now know what my favourite sachets from this week are (cheese omelette, apple and hazelnut oatmeal, caramel shake and hot chocolate) and have looked down the menu and chosen some others I'd like to try (including strawberry milkshake and cappuccino). A few of the sachets weren't to my taste, but fortunately there are so many to choose from that this isn't a problem - and there's also a swap box if you want to bring sachets back and exchange them.
I went to the clinic today for my second session of treatments, which felt invigorating and as though they were really tightening my skin. The therapists are all very nice and supportive, and they've tried the sachets too so we can discuss them. To start the session, they weighed me, and I discovered I've lost a whopping 2.8kg! (6.2lbs) That's almost half a stone in six days. I know weight tends to come off quickly at the start of a diet, but I didn't expect it to come off that quickly! I'm already fantasising about all the lovely outfits I'm going to wear when I'm at my target weight, and how slim I'll look on the poster for my debut Edinburgh show next year. There's still a long way to go, but it feels as though the first week has been a giant leap on the journey.

Ariane Sherine is a journalist and stand-up comedian. She will be blogging weekly about her weight loss journey on Alevere.