Alevere: Life after the plan!

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Rome was awesome! Hot, very hot, but totally wonderful! We walked all over the place and visited all the top tourist destinations and many more off the beaten track. I took the advice of an friend who studied in Rome and we ignored the tourist buses and wandered the streets. What a wonderful city!

The heat was incredible, and we had to set off every day with several bottles of water in rucksacks. I could not have coped with the backpack, heat and walking before I lost 4 stone. No way on Earth. I was astounded at how much we did and all because my health and energy is in such a good place following this weight loss. What a wonderful holiday!

Before we went to Rome I visited Bravissimo in Leeds to get some new bras. The therapist at Alevere had recommended it, and I've heard all the stories about looking and feeling better in a well fitted bra, but never been completely convinced. However, since losing weight, I knew my bras were all wrong and I'd struggled on my own to find the right fit, so off went!

Ladies, you have to do this when you have lost the weight! I was amazed! The fitter was lovely, no tape measure in site, just a good look at me and off she pops, returning with perfect fitting bras! I couldn't believe how much better I felt and looked! I told her I had lost weight and she was visibly shocked! She said she sees a lot of women that have lost lots of weight and I didn't look like I'd lost anything like 4 stone! "You have no lose skin! You look fabulous!" I told her about the Alevere plan and she was pretty impressed. For me, it reinforced the difference the body treatments make. She is right, my skin looks good for a weight loss of 4 stone!

I came away feeling amazing, with 4 lovely new bras and some matching knickers! Sexy! And loving it! I'm never going back to how I was!

I have to admit I've struggled a little getting back to 'normal' eating. I'm a bit bloated and constipated since my Rome holiday, mostly the heat I think as I mostly ate salads - because that is what I wanted, the salads were lovely! I've put myself back on the stabilisation plan to hopefully help settle things down. Already I'm feeling better and can feel 'the bloat' subsiding. I'm finding that I want to eat vegetables and salad now more than I ever did. I hoped this would happen and am so glad that so far, that's what I'm wanting. I'm back at the clinic in a couple of weeks and hoping my weight has held where I want it :-)

We're off on holiday again next week, in Yorkshire, staying in a cottage, with lots of walking to look forward to and hopefully good weather but not so hot as Rome! Eating out might be a bit of a challenge next week as, let's face it, British pubs and restaurants aren't famous for their delicious salads! I get full so quickly these days, I'm hoping that will help keep me on track too! I used to love feeling stuffed, now I really don't like feeling too full at all.

I've had lots of comments over the weeks, and thank you for every one. Some of you are now on your own journey with Alevere. I wish you well, this is an amazing plan, stay strong whenever it gets rough, it will be worth it, I promise you. I'm considering dropping another stone, so I might go back on it in the autumn myself for a little while, but even if I don't do the food plan, I'm sticking to the treatments for a little longer, not every week, but I want to stay on track and continue to get the benefits for a while longer. Plus knowing I can chat with the therapist helps me too as I settle into my new way of eating healthily for life.

Good luck everyone, chat soon xx