BLOG 4: FROM 16 TO 14!

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BLOG 4: FROM 16 TO 14!
After just three weeks, the big news is that I’ve lost four inches off my waist already, shrinking from 37” down to 33” and from a 16 to a 14! I’m not quite back into my old skinny 26” jeans just yet, but it’s early days. Sadly I didn’t lose so much weight this week – just over 1kg (around 2.3lbs) but I can’t believe how many inches I’ve lost in such a short space of time. I just hope the weight loss continues and doesn’t slow down to a snail’s pace like with all the other diets. 

It’s weird though – I kind of think that if I have to stay on the diet for longer than expected, that wouldn’t be too bad, as the sachets are so tasty! Plus normal cooking can take up a ridiculous amount of time, whereas I’ve never spent more than 15 minutes preparing an Alevere sachet, and often it’s as little as a minute or two – and they are probably more nutritionally balanced than my usual meals. 

This week I’m trying more of the desserts than the drinks, because I’m not going to be on the go so much, and I like trying new flavours. The menu is as big as the menu at your average coffee shop, so there’s no shortage of new sachets to try. So I’ve opted for the pear and chocolate dessert, the forest fruits dessert, the chocolate pancake, the chocolate brownie and the vanilla dessert as well as my favourite hot chocolate drink. I’ve bought six boxes this week, in case one of the sachets isn’t to my taste, in which case I’ll take them back and use the swap box. I’m also trying the lemon dessert and the salmon and lemon blinis from this week’s swap box. 

One of my good friends asked ‘Do you realise how much weight you’ve lost?’ She sees me all the time, so it’s quite something that she's noticed. I’m still very overweight of course, but I actually feel a lot more comfortable physically. My clothes feel looser, my thighs aren’t chafing and I’m not so short of breath. Oh, and the bodysuit I wear for my treatment sessions is also a lot looser! I could barely squeeze into it the first time, but now it’s easy to put on. 

The only time I felt tempted to binge this week was when I bought my daughter a pack of five double chocolate cookies as a treat. I had to keep reminding myself that it wasn’t worth going back to square one just to have a cookie. Fortunately my daughter polished them off quickly, so I didn’t have to exercise will power for too long! In future she’s getting one cookie or chocolate bar rather than a whole pack of treats. 

On Wednesday I got verified on Twitter and Facebook. Ordinarily I would have gone out and celebrated by binging on a cheese and pineapple pizza and sticky toffee pudding, but instead I celebrated by going clothes shopping (which was when I discovered I'm now a 14 instead of a 16!). I bought a fab new outfit that I actually look half-decent in now I’m under 11 stone. It’s the first time I’ve enjoyed clothes shopping in years. 

It made me think that trying Alevere is the best decision I’ve made in ages. I’m so glad I saw those adverts on the tube, and can’t wait to lose even more weight.  
Ariane Sherine is a journalist and comedian. She tweets at @arianesherine