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Apologies to you all: it turns out I’ve got my dates wrong. I started the plan on the 2nd August, and today is the 22nd. This means that, after just 20 days on Alevere, I’ve lost 13lbs – almost a stone! I’m down to 10 stone 7lbs from a starting weight of 11 stone 6lbs, and my bra size is now a 36D, down from a 38DD. I’ve been a 32C for most of my life, so have a way to go to get back there, but that didn’t stop me going out to buy a new, prettier and more supportive 36D bra. I figure that if I buy one new outfit for each dress size I drop, it’s financially manageable and will make me feel better than continually wearing size 16 clothes as I slim to a size 8 - and I can always sell them on eBay when I shrink out of them.
I now have such a clear-cut routine on Alevere, I don’t have to think much about preparing the sachets. I start the day with a two egg-white omelette with button mushrooms and salt and pepper, fried in olive oil until crispy and golden on both sides. I also take my morning vitamins with it, in a glass of water which my Sando-K tablet is dissolved in. I quite like the sweet taste of the Sando-K (which disguises the salty taste of the trace mineral drops), as well as the lemony chewable bedtime calcium tablet.
I have the five sachets two-and-a-half hours apart, always ending with the sachet that you’re only allowed one of a day (this week, it was the chocolate brownie). I have such a sweet tooth that the dessert and sweet drink sachets suit my palate much better than the savoury sachets. I actually count the hours until the next sachet, not because I’m hungry (I’m genuinely not) but because they’re delicious.
The middle sachet is lunch, so I have it with cucumber, celery, salad leaves and cherry tomatoes on the vine (my 200g of limited vegetables). The last sachet is dinner, so I have that with steamed vegetables, including mushrooms, fine asparagus tips and spinach, again seasoned with salt and pepper. Sometimes I dip the asparagus in mustard to change up the flavour (you can have any kind of mustard except wholegrain, so I use Dijon).
I’ve found that the best way to get through over two litres of water a day is to buy little bottles and keep them in the fridge. They’re so much more refreshing that way, especially on hot summer days, and I find that I want to drink more. I’m not bothered about using lemon, mint or cucumber, though you’re allowed, and you’re also allowed black, green and herbal teas and black coffee. Perhaps it’s because it’s warm outside, but I haven’t felt like drinking anything hot.
I haven’t done any exercise yet either, but it’s good to know that I have that in reserve for a future date if the weight loss slows down. I definitely want to get healthier, though it’s already happening on the diet: during my consultation with the doctor yesterday, she showed me that the dangerous fat surrounding my liver has more than halved in just three weeks!
Overall I’m feeling very happy at my progress, and am looking forward to surprising everyone with my slim size 12 (or even 10?) figure at my oldest friend’s wedding at the start of October.
Ariane Sherine is a writer and stand-up comedian. You can find her on Twitter at @ArianeSherine.