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The good news is I’ve now lost exactly a stone. The doctor predicted that I would lose a stone a month, despite my sluggish metabolism, and I’ve lost it in just under (29 days). The even better news is that I’ve lost another two-and-a-half inches off my waist – I’m now down to 30.5 inches, an amazing loss of six-and-a-half inches in four weeks!
I only lost 800 grams this weigh-in (just under 2lbs) – the least I’ve lost so far. However, this could be because I had to go to the Edinburgh Festival for four days last week. I was out gigging and seeing shows all the time, and while the sachets were easy to prepare on the go (I just popped into one of the big coffee chains, asked nicely for a paper cup and used one of their spoons!), the vegetables, fruit and egg-white omelettes weren’t – so I generally didn’t eat them.
I did give it a go to start with: on the first day, I went into a café and asked for an egg-white omelette. I swear that the man used five or six eggs! (You’re meant to use two.) When the omelette arrived, it was dripping in oil, and had loads of salad around it, a lot of which was covered in houmous! I left the salad and houmous but did eat most of the omelette, which was delicious, but I felt a bit guilty because I knew I shouldn’t be eating that much. After that, I didn’t have any more omelettes on the trip.
Jill was really lovely and explained that sometimes you lose loads (such as my 2.8kg loss in the first week – a whole six pounds!) and sometimes you lose less, but it all evens out in the end. I am spurred on by the pictures on the clinic walls of people who have lost a phenomenal amount of weight and look amazing.
Of course I’d have liked to have lost more this week, but I’m going to remain philosophical and optimistic. I did lose nearly two pounds – it’s not as though I gained any! And I have to remember that, whatever the numbers on the scale say, a loss of 6.5 inches around my waist is incredible – it’s bound to have decreased all my health risks, as fat around the stomach is linked to heart disease and diabetes.
The NHS website says that you have a very high risk of health problems if your waist is over 34.5 inches (for a woman), and a high risk if it’s more than 31.5 inches. Well, my waist is now 30.5 inches, so I’m within the healthy range – and that’s happened in an incredibly short space of time, all thanks to Alevere. If I can lose another five inches off my waist on the programme, I’ll be ecstatic.
Ariane Sherine is a journalist and stand-up comedian. She is @ArianeSherine on Twitter. She will be blogging weekly about her weight loss journey.