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It’s funny, but since being on Alevere I haven’t craved regular food at all. I haven’t gone off all my old favourites, but just don’t think about them. Maybe it’s because the sachets are so tasty, or maybe it’s because I’m full all the time, but it doesn’t even enter my head to crave pizza or chocolate. The only time I’ve been sorely tempted is when my daughter’s eating something delicious, and has decided to leave a few mouthfuls which would only go in the bin otherwise – so now I tend to make her food she likes but which I don’t. I’m certainly not going to fall off the wagon for half-eaten brown bread cucumber sandwiches!

The whole programme has made me rethink my eating habits. I was eating so much before that I often felt uncomfortably full and bloated, verging on sick – the kind of feeling where you have to lie down for a while to recover. That’s just not normal or healthy. My eating had nothing to do with hunger – I would eat when I was sad, scared, angry, bored or just wanted a nice taste in my mouth. Most women eat ice cream for a few days after a break-up – but after my three failed engagements, I ate ice cream, chocolate, pizza, pasta and everything I craved for the next two years! It was almost like a statement: ‘If I can’t have a man, I’ll have food instead.’

I can’t imagine going back to that way of eating now. They say it takes 30 days to form a habit, and now I’ve been on Alevere for 37 days, it really feels as though the binge-eating, unhealthy bit of my brain has been reprogrammed. It helps that I’m getting fast results and seeing my body change shape for the better. I’m not very objective about my looks, and of course I still have two stone to lose, but when I look at photos of myself now and a month ago, the change is quite amazing. I’m no longer ashamed and embarrassed when I catch sight of my reflection in shop windows, and I no longer avoid selfies or make excuses when a mate wants to take one.

One of the nicest things about being on the programme is taking an interest in fashion again, as in my early 20s (2003-2004) I had a very cool job: I was the petite fitting model for TopShop and Debenhams! I’m not quite ready to buy a whole new capsule wardrobe of size 8 clothes (I’m going to wait until I reach my Alevere target weight first) but I’ve been buying lots of fashion magazines and cutting out pictures to give me inspiration for my autumn-winter wardrobe. I’ve also bought some new make-up, some stylish stretchy cami vests that will shrink along with me, and some black summer shorts with an elasticated waist. It feels brilliant, as I would never have had the confidence to wear shorts and show my thighs before Alevere

Ariane Sherine is a writer and stand-up comedian. You can find her on Twitter at @ArianeSherine.