Body Treatments

The first thing to say is that there are peels and then there are peels. At Alevere we offer the effective, medical kind - the ones you will see on offer at salons are not true peels.

And we use ours to treat not only the face but the neck, the chest area and the hands. We can give all these areas a much younger and fresher appearance, and we can help acne sufferers too.

Most people think that lines and wrinkles are what makes skin look old but in fact changes in colour and pigmentation are more important. Sun spots, dull grey skin, blotches, irregular pigmentation all make us look older. Skin peeling is a great treatment for all of these.

A peel can:

  • Get rid of sun spots and unsightly pigmentation
  • Improve lines and wrinkles
  • Firm up the skin
  • Improve acne

It is a treatment that has been used since the days of ancient Egypt to make skin look younger and it does this in two ways:

  • It removes skin so that the outer layers are new and fresh
  • It stimulates the collagen-producing fibroblast cells in the skin’s supporting layer to work harder.

In fact, so keen is your skin to regenerate that it does it without reproducing all the unwelcome bits you have acquired over the years, like lines and sun spots. In effect, you are wiping out a generation of skin cells with UV-damaged memories.

Here are the peels we offer at Alevere, chosen because we think they are the best on the market:

A gentle peel based on Glycolic acid. This is a superficial peel that will make your skin clearer, smoother, fresher and more glowing with no downtime at all. It is best to have a course of at least six with about three weeks between each treatment. Find out more about Alevere's superficial peels

Glycolic acid works to smooth out the out layer of skin (epidermis) and stimulates new cells and collagen to grow.
It helps skin with:

  • Large pores
  • Early pigmentation problems
  • A rough, dull appearance

This peel will leave the skin a bit dry for about three days afterwards, but you can moisturise as much as you want, and wear makeup.
You will see the best results after about 12 weeks. You can have two courses of treatment a year to keep your skin in really good condition.

A light TCA peel can penetrate deeper into the skin and we recommend it to help acne prone skin and for sun damage. A course of four, one every fortnight, works best. 

A light TCA peel will help skin with:

  • Acne
  • Sun damage
  • A rough, dull appearance
  • Age spots
  • Fine wrinkles

When we put the peel on you will feel a bit warm and over the next few days you will peel, but not so much as to disrupt your normal lifestyle. You will just need to moisturise more often than usual.

*A medium TCA peel works really well on sun damaged skin with deeper wrinkles and some irregular pigmentation. With this type of peel, you will only need one session, though you can repeat it every couple of years to maintain the effects if you want. Find out more about a TCA medium peel.


A TCA medium peel helps skin with:

  • Sun damage
  • Deeper wrinkles
  • Irregular pigmentation

When we put the peel on it will sting or burn a bit, so we will have a fan trained on you to keep you cool and we will be watching you very carefully so that we remove it at exactly the right time.
Over the next few days the skin will go red and then gradually brown and a bit “crusty”. On day four or five it will peel off, revealing the new skin underneath.
Over the next six months your face will start to look younger and your skin will become firmer and more elastic, because you will be producing new collagen and elastic fibres.



You might not have come across mesotherapy before, but at Alevere we use it to make the face look younger and very natural.

Mesotherapy isn’t actually a treatment in itself, it simply means making lots of tiny injections, like pin pricks, with a tiny needle. 

Mesotherapy was developed in France during the 1950s.
Over there it is used with different cocktails of ingredients to treat everything from arthritis to cellulite, though its effectiveness for some of these conditions has not been proved We only use mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid (HA) which is both safe and really works.
There are two techniques of mesotherapy. The original is called “nappage” when the skin is very lightly needled in a gentle and rapid manner. The newer technique is called “papule” when the skin is superficially injected at separate points with a definite amount of substance.
The key is to inject enough HA because if it is spread out too thinly it won’t work as well. A 1ml treatment will cover an area roughly the size of the back of your hand, and we offer 2x1ml treatments per session.

For more information, or to make an appointment please get in touch. Our contact details are here.


All kinds of substances can be in those injections in theory - but at Alevere we only ever inject pure, concentrated hyaluronic acid (HA) which is the skin’s natural plumping, firming and moisturising molecule. Young skin produces loads of this lovely substance, but as we get older it slows right down, leaving our skin drier, thinner and weaker.

We can dramatically improve whole areas of skin on your face, neck, chest and hands using mesotherapy, not just specific lines and wrinkles, and the effects will last for many months.

We recommend that you have between two and four sessions over four to eight weeks. Then you can have a maintenance session every six to eighteen months, depending on the result you want and how your skin reacts.

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Our face is the focus of most of our worries about ageing, but the neck and decotellage are important too, and need to match the face.

Fortunately many of the treatments we use on the face at Alevere are just as effective on the thin and delicate skin of these areas too.

It is important to keep these areas of your body protected from the sun post-treatment because the decolletage in particular is prone to sun damage.

Here are the treatments we can use:

  • Botox
  • Ulthera non-surgical skin tightening
  • Medical skin peels
  • Amelan© pigmentation treatment
  • Mesotherapy injections
  • Cell therapy injections
  • Broken vein treatments
  • Sun spot treatment
  • Lipotherapy
  • Anti-ageing skincare

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Patchy pigmentation on the face can be a traumatising, disfiguring condition not always taken seriously enough by doctors. 

Overpigmentation (hyperpigmentation) can occur in any skin type but happens more often in people with darker skins.
It can be caused by sun exposure, trauma, inflammation in the skin and sometimes hormonal changes, which is why it can sometimes appear in women during pregnancy, when it is called cholasma.
The overpigmented patches can be uneven. large, unsightly and very prominent and once they have developed they can be permanent unless effective treatment is offered.

And up until now most treatments have not been all that effective.

But now there is a treatment available that is a genuine game changer. Amelan© is dramatically effective, involves very little peeling and will quickly return your skin to its natural colour and texture. 

Amelan© was developed by Dr Eduardo Krulig, an eminent plastic surgeon from Venezuela where overpigmentation is a particular problem.
It works in about ten to fourteen days on all pigmentation problems on all skin types, even those where all other types of treatment have failed. The side effects are just a little bit of redness and flaking and you can wear makeup if you want to cover this up from the first day after treatment.
The treatment also stops the skin being too oily, which improves any acne. It also allows for some exposure to the sun without the overpigmentation coming back.
Unlike other treatments, like lasers or peels, there is absolutely no risk of making the pigmentation worse.

We need to just give you a word of warning here - because Amelan© is so good, there are copy treatments available - but they are not as effective. We are the only UK supplier of the genuine treatment and we approve some clinics to offer it.

If you are offered what is claimed to be Amelan© somewhere else, and you want to be certain it is the genuine article just contact us and we will let you know whether you are dealing with an approved clinic.

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