Face Treatments

Until recently, non-surgical techniques for lifting and tightening the skin have given disappointing results, and they were painful - so we haven’t offered them to you.
But now a treatment has been developed that is completely different.
 Ulthera ™ was developed in America and has passed the stringent tests set by the  FDA (Food and Drug Administration)  to prove it safely lifts and tightens skin with no downtime. It is widely used there by leading plastic surgeon Dr Diane Duncan and many of her US colleagues.
We can give you an entire non-surgical facelift and neck lift at Alevere using Ulthera ™  .
But if you want to concentrate just on a problem area we can do any of these:

  • Brow lift
  • Cheek Lift
  • Jaw line Lift
  • Jowl lift
  • Upper lip lift

Research is ongoing so that Ulthera ™ may soon be used for the under eye area, for breast lifting, and for other areas of the body.  We will let you know as soon as these treatments are available.

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Sunken cheeks or temples can age a face - but we have a solution at Alevere.
We can fill those hollows to make your face look younger, create higher cheekbones and lift nose to mouth lines and jowls using Sculptra.
Sculptra is not a filler, instead it works from deep within to increase your own collagen, so that your results are extremely natural. Find out more about how Sculptra works
Sculptra is based on lactic acid, which is produced in your own body all the time,  and works deep within your skin to increase your own collagen production
It is not made from any animal or human derivatives and no allergy tests are needed.
It comes as a sterile powder which which must be mixed with sterile water 12 hours before your appointment. This has to be thrown away if it isn’t used, so for this reason we ask you to pay fifty per cent of the cost before your appointment.
Because your body is making its own collagen, your results will not show immediately but you will see them in six to eight weeks.. You can have just one treatment or a few of them at two-month intervals, depending on your needs, and the results will be long-lasting, usually about 2-3 years. Occasional top-up treatments will maintain your results
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At Alevere we are now offering Silhouette Soft ® which, quite simply, can transform your face in 30 minutes. Many treatments offer a choice between tightening your skin or adding youthful volume, but this one does both.
It will:

  • Lift your face immediately
  • Keep working over months to make your face produce more collagen, the substance that give young skin its lovely rounded contours and firm elasticity. As we age we lose much of this, particularly after the menopause.

Silhouette Soft ® is a form of thread lift, developed in the United States and based on years of research in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.
It is the only one  lift of this type to have been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) which sets stringent tests on safety and effectiveness, and it is used worldwide by cosmetic surgeons.
The thread is made of polyactic acid (PCA) which biodegrades but at the same time acts on the deeper layers of skin so that they produce collagen, which makes the skin plump, firm and elastic.
The effect is to make the face more shapely and young lookin
Silhouette Soft ® is a form of thread lift,  which we can do in clinic using a small local anaesthetic. We do not need to make any incision.
Our trained doctor  simply puts the thread about five millimetres under  the skin using a very fine needle, shapes and lifts your face as you want it to be, and then secures the thread. Nothing is visible, it isn’t painful and, as we say, it’s all done in about half an hour.
If you don’t want to treat your whole face, we can use the technique on the following areas:

  • Lower jaw
  • Cheeks and cheekbones
  • Eyebrows
  • Neck

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We all know about sun spots, or age spots - those flat, brown patches that appear on our skin. Sometimes we develop clusters of them, sometimes they can be large- more than 1cm in diameter. Find out more about sun damaged skin here

Sun spots are caused by exposure to the ultra violet rays of the sun over our lifetime and are areas of DNA damage where too much brown pigment (melanin) has been produced.
We will take great care to make sure that your sun spots are correctly diagnosed at Alevere. In very rare cases, a patient may actually have the skin cancer melanoma, or another serious condition called lentigo maligna. In that case, we would refer you urgently to a hospital plastic surgery department but, as we say, that would be a very rare scenario.

They are a nuisance and they can make us look and feel old - but at Alevere we can make them disappear.

We treat them with a localised medium skin peel. A scab will form which will peel off after a few days, revealing fresh, paler skin underneath. It will be pink at first but will gradually become a normal colour. One treatment might be enough or you might need another, depending on what needs to be done.

At Alevere we do have an alternative treatment for pigmentation called Amelan® which gives amazing results and for some people might be more appropriate. 

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There is nothing more dispiriting than wanting to get your legs out for summer - but being stopped by an ugly patch of reddish-purple broken veins.

But at Alevere we can make summer clothes a pleasure for you again.

We treat those broken veins for you using microsclerotherapy. 

Microsclerotherapy was developed in France. A solution is injected into the veins, with the aid of a magnifying lamp. The solution seals the insides of the vein together so that blood can no longer pass through it, so it loses its vivid colour.
After treatment, the area is a little red and swollen, a bit like if you had been stung by a nettle. The veins will look pronounced for a few days but then settle and suddenly disappear.
It is not a suitable treatment for varicose veins, which are larger, raised and usually a bluish colour.

You will probably need two or three treatments spaced out over two to four weeks. Once fully treated the veins should remain at bay for a few years, but new broken veins can appear and will need to be treated. If you are prone to them, you might need an annual treatment.

Broken veins can also appear on your face but we don’t recommend microsclerotherapy for these. We think you would be better speaking to a doctor experienced in laser treatment of facial veins at a specialist laser clinic.

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It is surprising the difference your eyelashes can make. For such a small feature of your face they have a big impact.

Longer, fuller eyelashes make you look younger and more attractive but they tend to become more sparse as we age.

At Alevere we now have a solution that will help you achieve naturally longer and thicker looking eyelashes without having to resort to false lash extensions, which in the long term can cause damage.

Revitalash was developed by American eye specialist Dr Michael Brinkenhoff for his wife Gayle while she was recovering from breast cancer. Intensive chemotherapy treatments had damaged her own eyelashes so her husband came up with a way to help her.

Revitalash can help you just as much - and when you buy a portion of the proceeds goes to benefit non-profit breast cancer research.

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