How to be a man on a diet

How To Be A Man on a Diet

So you’re a man and you are on a diet. Congratulations. You are doing the best thing possible for your appearance and your health.

But, let’s be honest, as a male dieter you are in something of a minority.

There are some well known celebrity examples: actor and now US talk show presenter James Corden has recently lost a lot of weight, and so has singer Sam Smith.

But their weight loss is newsworthy partly because they are men.

The truth is that, although many men are overweight - there are, for instance,  more overweight men in their forties than women - they are less likely to diet.

That’s not because men don’t care about their appearance. Men care very much about how others judge them.

And they are under more scrutiny for their looks than ever - which has its good and bad side, as women know only too well.

But being a man on a diet can bring problems that don’t apply to women.

A lot of men still see dieting as “unmanly”. They couldn’t be more wrong, but that doesn’t stop them thinking it.

And a man on a diet is more likely to get stick from his mates who can say hurtful things in the name of “banter”.

And men just don’t like going to see anyone medical who could give them the advice they need.

If you are on the Alevere diet, you have already proved that you have negotiated and beaten all these old-fashioned attitudes - but here are five tips to keep your motivation strong.


Never be embarrassed

One in three men would be too embarrassed or ashamed to admit to being on a diet, according to a study. Some of them confessed that they could not even imagine telling their close family and friends.

The younger a man is the more likely he is to feel okay telling others he is on a diet, but it can still be a big deal. After all, you’re a man, your natural conversational comfort zone is sport of all kinds. You would much rather be talking football than feelings any day.

But the good news is that being a man on a diet is getting easier all the time, because men are increasingly fessing up to caring about how they look and feel.

Be proud of your diet - others will admire you.

Keep on saying no

This is one area where men are natural winners. Women tend to be “people pleasers”. A woman with a weight problem is likely to be a nice, polite woman, one who feels it would be rude to refuse another person’s offer of food. The world is full of women who hate their weight but would rather choke than turn down another woman’s cake, for fear of mortally wounding her. They are the ones who always, always finish what is on their plate.

But men tend not to carry as much emotional baggage about food. Once they are focused on losing weight, that is what they do. They have much less trouble turning down that piece of cake. This is a good thing - so carry on refusing.




man on a diet

Deal with the banter

It’s one of those inescapable facts of life that men relate to each other in a different way to women. It is,  for instance, acceptable for men to be downright rude to each other about their appearance, habits and choices. The recipient of this “joshing” is supposed to take it like a man - that is, not get upset. It’s not nastiness, it’s male bonding.

The truth is, men are just as easily wounded as women by comments about their looks - but if you are a man on Alevere, you have already proved that you are committed, smart, focused and willing to do something about your problem.. Remember that ninety per cent of men secretly think they need to lose weight, and just be glad you are one of the ones actually taking action.

Be proud

As a man, you will probably want to simplify your achievement. You will hold no truck with soft talk about “self esteem” and  “self worth” and “ self confidence”. You are much more likely to want to talk about your weight problem the way you would talk, say, about a bit of leaky guttering. There was a problem and you fixed it. If a hammer and a few nails were involved in  the Alevere diet, it’s probable you would feel even happier doing it. That’s fine. Alevere is a pretty simple, straightforward, no fuss diet, ideal for the male mind to follow.

Just don’t forget to acknowledge what you are doing is actually  huge achievement, if only to yourself. 

Take advantage where you can

As a man, you will probably have a higher metabolic rate than a woman. This means you can eat more and still lose weight, in fact it means that you need to eat more, as will have been explained to you. So take full advantage of this biological fact.

Another area where the world is turning in your favour is that it is now more socially acceptable than it has ever been to be a man who cares about your health, fitness and appearance. So take advantage of this too and feel confident in your decision to transform your body and your life.