Launching nationwide network of slimming clinics

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A YORKSHIRE company has launched a network of 25 slimming clinics across the country.

Alevere UK has developed a new weight loss system designed to help overweight clients lose weight quickly and safely.

It has now distributed the franchise to cosmetic and aesthetic clinics across England and Scotland.

The team behind Alevere UK, which has its HQ in Leeds, has eight years’ experience in weight loss management.

Now it has invested heavily in researching and developing the new treatment, called Alevere Weight Reduction and Body Contouring Therapy.

Alevere UK owns three clinics in Leeds, London and Cheshire, employing 73 staff across the three sites, and has signed franchise contracts for the treatment with 22 more. It expects to treat 10,000 patients in the first year.

The key to the Alevere diet is a range of new, protein-based nutritional supplements developed and researched by the company.

Operations' director Anne Welford said: "We have developed a range of customised food using the highest quality protein available and tracked down state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment which is both safe and effective at breaking down excessive fat stores under the skin. This is a way of completely transforming a client’s body without using surgical procedures."

Clients have weekly clinic appointments as well as monthly reviews with a doctor, plus regular blood tests to make sure all values are stable and within the desired range.

Alevere now hopes to expand the treatment across the globe and is already working with potential distributors in America, Canada and India.

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