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It has been an incredible few months for our super-slimmer Natalie.
After achieving her target of losing six and a half stones through Alevere Therapy, she has now achieved a longed-for new goal.
Natalie, 31, began her weight loss journey because she and husband John desperately want to start a family.
But when she visited her doctor for help after failing to become pregnant, she was told she could not have any tests until she had lost weight.
Natalie said: “At the time I was devastated to be told that. It was a short and humiliating consultation with my doctor.
“He just took my hand and said, ‘well you are very overweight, aren’t you?’ It seemed so harsh because I also knew I was physically fit. But I went away and decided to do something about it.”
Now, after slimming down from a size 22 to a size 12/14, Natalie is a world away from that unhappy day.
She has since returned to her doctor, she and John have had tests, and the couple have very recently been accepted for fertility treatment - the news they had wanted for so long.
They are now hopeful that their dream of a family of their own is not far away.
Natalie said: “The first thing the staff at the fertility clinic did was measure my BMI, and it is now perfect to start the treatment.
“When I told them I had just lost six and a half stones they were amazed.”
Natalie and John will now have more tests and, if necessary, will eventually have IVF treatment.
“We may not even need that because our results so far have all been hopeful. We may just need a course of fertility drugs. I feel so excited, it’s all happening in a blur now.” 
As well as achieving their goal of treatment, Natalie and John have also managed to renovate a house and have now moved into their 100 year old, three-bedroom, end terrace.
“We gutted it and started again, basically all it had left was a staircase, and it isn’t finished yet, but we are in there which is the main thing.  I was practically brought up on a building site because my dad is an electrician, so there are lots of jobs I can do myself. I am putting up a new ceiling, and I am  going to tile some of the floors and walls.
“I wouldn’t have been able to do any of this before losing all that weight.
Life has moved on for Natalie in other ways too.
She said: “ A year ago I went to the family day at work, just before I started Alevere Therapy. Someone took a photo of me and I look back on it now and can’t believe it is me.
“Everything is so different now. I go to the gym three times a week with my sister and we are planning to do a charity event called a Colour Run. You wear white and people throw different coloured powder as you run, so you end up multi-coloured. It just sounds fun.
“And I am going to a comic convention with some friends - in a skintight catsuit. My character is called The Black Widow and that’s what she wears.
“It’s in Manchester so I will be travelling on the train in the catsuit - even I can’t believe it’s me doing all this.” 

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