Summer Dressing

Five tips for summer dressing


It’s the time when living is easy. When women can step out of their front door each morning feeling carefree, with bare arms and legs, the warmth of the sun on their skin…
That’s the story, isn’t it? But that story is actually a fantasy for many of us, The reality is very different.
We know from our Alevere patients that summer can be the cruellest season of all.
Others might feel free and happy but, for anyone with a weight issue who is feeling less than confident about their body, summer is more likely to leave them feeling trapped and miserable.
You want to wear something light and floaty but your wardrobe is full of things that cover you and disguise you.
Your signature summer style is anything that fits you - usually baggy tops and stretchy trousers - and your favourite colour is black because it helps you melt into the background.
But it doesn’t have to be that way.
As an Alevere patient you are a work in progress. Soon, you will be one of those slim people you envy so much.
But in the meantime, as your body changes and your confidence grows, here are five great tips for summer dressing in 2015.

1.  Wear the right size

Sounds like common sense, doesn’t it? But when you are big your instinct is to make your clothes even bigger in case, heaven forbid, someone should think you are pretending to be smaller. But resist that temptation. Don’t buy big. Your clothes should fit, even in this transitional phase when you are losing weight. Buy inexpensive pieces from shops like Primark to see you through, unless you have a special occasion to attend. Try not to continue wearing your old, too-big things.

2.  Don’t run away from colour

We know that the idea of bright colour probably makes you feel faint with fear. We know that you like everything in fifty shades of camouflaging grey. Or black. But a vibrant colour can make you look and feel summery all on its own, with no further effort required. In fact, colour is the very easiest way to do summer.
And it doesn’t have to be lots of colour, just a bright top with your black trousers will do the trick.
Some stylists used to say black should not be worn with a bright colour - but they were wrong. These days wearing black with a pop of colour looks fresh and modern.

3.  It’s all about the top layer

There will be styles you won’t consider for summer - but think again.  If  you like the style but it reveals bits of yourself you are not yet ready to show off, then cover up with an elegant top layer. A knee-length, fine knit cardigan worn open can look stylish in an effortless way and it will show a bit of what you want seen, but not too much.
A lightweight summer coat in a figure-skimming style, sometimes known as a duster coat,  will do the same with even more elegance.



4.  Stick your neck out

But do it in the right neckline. If you have a large bust then the neckline for you is lower, but it doesn’t have to be a v-neck. Scoop necks work equally well and a boat neckline looks good too, showing just a glimpse of shoulder. Round necks or high necks are harder. Until you are at your target weight and know what your final shape will be, do yourself a favour and avoid them.

5.  Don’t forget to show off

It is in fact very easy to forget this part, as you climb the mountain that can be looking good in summer - but it’s vital. Everyone has good features, and that includes you, so dress to show them off. If you have good legs, make sure you are in a figure-skimming dress at the length that is most flattering for you, whether that is above, on or just below the knee. If you have a good bosom, then wear something with shape - anything that hangs off the bust will make you look matronly.

You are on your way to something better - but in the meantime, enjoy the journey and enjoy the summer.