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Ultrasound Treatment

First, we use state-of-the-art ultrasound to break down areas of stubborn fat.

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Then, we make your skin contract by tightening and firming it all over using technology that stimulates collagen and elastic fibres.

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Ultrasound Treatment

Subcutaneous fatty deposits (those under the skin) respond poorly to a diet because blood circulation in these local fat deposits is poor and it is difficult for the fat cells to release their contents into the blood vessels.

The doctor will determine which subcutaneous fatty areas are likely to respond least well to the diet and these areas will be given treatment every week with ultrasound. The treatment is not painful and it is safe. It will break down the subcutaneous fatty deposits in the areas treated but it will not harm any other structures or tissue.

It will also be of benefit to the elasticity of the skin. We have invested in the latest state-of-the-art ultrasound technology to break down fat so you can be confident that you are receiving the best treatment.

The device that we use is fully medically certified and supported by many published studies. At every medical review, the doctor will decide if your plan of treatment with the ultrasound needs adjustment and if so, the doctor will amend it accordingly.

Skin and Connective Tissue Treatment

We will therefore treat your skin with a specialised treatment called LPG, which is so-named after its French inventor, Louis Paul Guitay. This is the most effective treatment known for helping with maintaining and improving your skin’s elasticity as your weight is lost.

When you start to lose weight, your body size will reduce and your skin will tend to become loose and saggy. Exercise will not help your skin, as skin does not contain any muscles that can be exercised.

In addition, the LPG treatment intensively treats the connective tissue layer underneath the skin to eliminate fat deposits, improve the blood and lymphatic circulation and active lipolysis (the breakdown of fats). The improved blood and lymphatic circulation in the fatty layer ensures that the fats released by the ultrasound treatment can be easily removed.

Slackening skin is formed as your skin is stimulated to produce new collagen and elastin fibres with every treatment that you have. This treatment for your skin is therefore very important as you lose weight and it may even prevent the need for surgical removal of excess skin.